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Vitamin D Protects Against and Treats COVID19

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I joined an expert panel talk, organised by Rufus Greenbaum, along with three other experts, Professor Michael Holick, Dr William Grant and Dr David Grimes, to describe the latest findings from research on vitamin D and coronavirus.

We showed definitively that higher blood levels of the steroid pre-hormone Vitamin D helps to: 1. Reduce risk of catching coronavirus 2. Reduce the severity of the illness

0:00:00 Professor Michael Holick, Boston University, describes a major study published that tested 190,000 patients for Vitamin D and Coronavirus which showed the risk of catching coronavirus is reduced by half if serum levels are sufficiently high.

0:22:30 Dr William Grant gives an overview of many other trials around the world.

0:38:36 Dr Gareth Davies describes how his team used an analysis drawing on methods from Physics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to prove that vitamin D deficiency causes severe COVID19 disease in response to the Sars-Cov-2 virus. Their two part analysis looked at 1.6 million data points of deaths and recoveries from all 240 global reporting locations. Additional evidence from known biochemical pathway and historical food fortification add more confidence to an already very high-power result.

0:50:56 Dr David Grimes shows how Bradford Hill’s criteria have been met by many other observational studies already.

1:09:20 Rufus Greenbaum shows outlines Key Facts, Health Outcomes and Next Steps required in the UK to make major reductions in the infection rate.

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